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When the sun is shining, there's no better way to enjoy the Bahamas than with friends and family grilling up dinner in the yard or on the beach

Nassau Gas offers a range of grills and accessories from two of the leading grill and portable cooking equipment companies - King Kookers and Bubba's Ovens.

Leading Outdoor LPG Cookers and Grills

Bubba's Ovens

BUBBA has 3 great gas grill models to choose from to satisfy your particular tastes. Only Bubba’s Ovens has a patented wood chip tray for real smoked-wood flavor. Do it in your backyard with one of Bubba’s Ovens. The ultimate in backyard BBQ grills!

King Kooker

King Kooker® is one of the best and most versatile portable propane outdoor cookers that you can buy.

These outdoor portable propane burners are perfect for tailgating, fish cookers, crawfish boiling cookers, fish frying rigs, deep fried turkey equipment, and seafood boiling burners.  Outdoor cookers are the ultimate tailgaters tool.  They start with the basics – heavy-duty steel construction, stable designs, cast iron burners, UL-listed high pressure regulators and hoses, adjustable flame controls and easy assembly. 

If you are looking for a quality outdoor cooker, King Kooker® has the rig you need.

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