Residential Services

Doorstep Refills

We treat our residential customers with the same level of attention and responsiveness as our business customers.

We won't leave you stranded with no gas, waiting and waiting for a refill. If you call us before 9am, we'll be there that morning. Call us before 1pm, and we'll be with you before the end of the day - and that's a promise!

Whatever the size of your tank, we'll deliver right to your doorstep - no delays, no fuss.

Gas Tank Sales

We have for sale a whole range of LP gas cylinders and bulk tanks.

Our current pricing (inclusive of VAT) is as follows:

  • 20lb cylinder with gas $85.00
  • 30lb cylinder with gas $140.00
  • 100lb cylinder with gas $310.00
  • 200lb bulk tank with gas $860.00 (has gauge)
  • 420lb bulk tank with gas $1397.50 (has gauge)
  • 120 gallon horizontal tank with gas $1505.00 (has gauge)
  • 250 gallon horizontal tank with gas $3064,75 (has gauge)
  • 500 gallon horizontal tank with gas $5504.00 (has gauge)
  • 1000 gallon horizontal tank with gas $9610.50 (has gauge)
  • Forklift tank with gas (aluminium body) $268.75 (with gauge)

Service & Maintenance

At Nassau Gas, we know tanks themselves can be expensive, but with proper maintenance and care can last for many years. Let our service technicians can service your tanks to maintain optimal condition.

We can also run new gas lines, locate and fix leaks, or install a whole new gas system for your home, so call us to day and find out why Nassau Gas & Tanks is the leading gas supply company in The Bahamas.

Installations & Products

The benefits of Propane are clear, and Nassau Gas is dedicated to helping homes in The Bahamas lower those high BEC bills with the sale and installation of a wide range of gas products.

We can install stoves, dryers, pool heaters, generators and tankless water heaters. We also offer a large selection of products for your home from some of the leading appliance manufacturers in the world. Check out what we have on offer or call us today to hook up your existing appliances.